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Over the past few years, a new generation of Bros has banded together and taken to the internet to discuss how “bro” and “frat” they are by comparing stories and trying to one-up one another with bro-iness. 

Some of our favorites are TFM (Total Frat Move), MLIB (My Life is Bro), and, all of which offer great reading material if you make yourself forget that these are real people.

Here is a list of some bro sites for your perusal:






And before we end this post, a note to the guys at TFM…

If you want to find a good girlfriend, you might want to remove yourselves from the mancave where you reside and aim a little higher than finding a girl who will make you a sandwich. The culinary arts have really come a long way. Then again, since you hold the women you sleep with in such primitive regard (e.g. calling them, “slampieces”- seriously, bros?), a piece of meat and two slices of bread is likely all you will get.

You wanted a baby and 18 years of child support? Hope that sandwich was worth it.

I wouldn’t share my sandwich with you!



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