Breaking Up is Easier For Some

My live-in boyfriend and I were having the relationship discussion to end all others. One year into our time together, we had hit the end. It was over. And reluctantly, we both accepted it. Crying into each other’s arms about how much we loved each other, but just couldn’t go on with the stress and the fighting and the pressure of our combined living situation and general relationship. We blew our noses, wiped the tears from our faces and laid there holding each other for a little while. It was nice and helped to bring closure to something that felt very painful for each of us. He excused himself to go out on the front porch and smoke a cigarette very upset. I got ready for bed and looked over at my phone, which was blinking with a text message…from him? It read:

“Success!! She agreed to move out!”

A misdirected text I will never forget. The long story short is, we never spoke again.


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