Breaking Up in Public, Beware

Public domestic disputes are the worst. Whether it’s a lady yelling at her boyfriend on her cell phone or a couple dueling it out on a street corner, it sucks being a witness to an awkward interaction. What do you do, what do you say? Unless the situation is violent or blatantly out of control, most of us say and do nothing.

Some people, it turns out, prefer capturing the experience via social media and broadcasting it for everyone to follow along from a distance. Introducing, Andy Boyle, a douche bag web developer who thought it would be cool to capture a young married couple’s argument at Burger King by Tweeting their overheard statements, pictures of them and even voice recordings.

And the Tweets go on and on and on. We’re all for field journalism and research, but this is just weird, creepy, and over the line.

It just goes to show, you have to be careful about everything you put in writing, and apparently everything you say out loud in public. Yikes.

To read the Tweets and view the thread on Gawker, click here.

[Storified compiled by Rhiannon Coppin via Gawker]

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