“Bossman” aka Mr. Nightlife

I used to work at a nightclub and had a huge crush on the owner who was an intense womanizer. One night we went to an afterparty, he dragged me in the bathroom and started going down on me and we broke the sink! He had to call one of his busboys to repair it. We then had crazy sex for like two days straight. Fastfoward five years later. I move back into the city and get a job as a cocktail waitress at a new nightclub that he owns. He doesn’t let on that he knows who I am. One night all the employees go to an after party at his loft. We’re all there and he starts to make out with me. He goes “I’m so sorry but I don’t remember your name”. “We’ve already had sex MULTIPLE times”, I respond and start laughing out of pure disbelief. He begs me to stop laughing AT him. And that is the end of the boss sex story.

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