Rejected for Free Fries at the BK Lounge

So I return to the city where I am going to grad school after a summer away.  I naturally started talking to the guy I had been seeing before we left for the break.  We went out for beers a few times…he bought. He brought me a present from when he went to visit his family for a weekend. He made dinner and invited me to join.  Nothing physical had happened between us yet.

Then on gchat one night he asked how my dating life was going, I was assuming he would suggest giving us a go because we had been hanging out. I said it was pretty uneventful, to which he responded:

guy: been seeing a local girl for little while
me:  thats exciting
guy: yeah, she works at the bk lounge
gives me discounts on fries all the time

Thanks for mentioning that a month ago… enjoy your fast food loving in the BK Lounge.

[Image Source: Gawker]

Editorial note: How disgusting and degrading is this advertisement??

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