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Men Who Can Cook

If there was one thing that could make us hang up our single girl heels, it’s a charming man who can cook. Hot damn! Lucky for us, this trend is on the rise. According to The Food Channel, the amount of time men spend in … Continue reading

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Nothing Says Love Like a Crunchwrap Supreme

Background: A guy and girl have been hooking up for a few months and live in the same dorm at college. He is rather awkward and getting him to ask her to come home with him is like pulling teeth. One night, … Continue reading

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The Hit and Run

There was this guy that had liked me for a while and we had made out a few times and then he moved away. I knew he had recently come back into the city, and one night he called me … Continue reading

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Tell me about your goals :)

This message was received by two young ladies within 24-hours of each other on If you’re going to have a cookie-cutter e-mail you send out to many women, at least make it better than this. Come on dude! And … Continue reading

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Douche of the Week: Sham WOW

Oh, Vince. Vince, Vince, Vince. We always wondered when you would reveal the true inner creep lurking behind your wincing one-eyed exterior. Fortunately for us, that story has broken today. Meet Vince Shlomi. You may recognize him as the television pitchman behind … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Kate Nash- Merry Happy

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Medical Photo: Male (NSFW)

Dear lady doctor, if all I had in my head about male genitalia was based on this medical photo in your office, I would never have relations with a man, and probably continue thinking male genitalia looked like small woodland creatures … Continue reading

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Bro Sites

      Over the past few years, a new generation of Bros has banded together and taken to the internet to discuss how “bro” and “frat” they are by comparing stories and trying to one-up one another with bro-iness.  Some of our … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: PYT- Michael Jackson

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What We’re Reading: I Don’t Care about Your Band

Julie Klausner is a comedy writer, blogger, and as of February 2010, published author of a hilarious dating-centric book entitled, “I Don’t Care About Your Band”. Based in New York City, it appears that Julie has experienced many of the … Continue reading

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