Attack of the Gumnut Babies

australian-flag maygibbs_pinI had been dating a guy for about three months, and things had been going reasonably well. That was, until I decided to take him to an Australia Day party as my plus-one. I’d been there with him for about three hours, having fun with him and my friends. In walk two girls dressed like slutty Gumnut Babies. (For American readers, Gumnut Babies are cartoon storybook characters, kind of like a Kewpie Doll.) One streamlined towards my then-boyfriend, who took an immediate interest in her. I brushed it off when the girl invited my boyfriend to join her for a drink, allowing myself to be immersed in conversation with other guests at the party. Cut to 45 minutes later, two people having asked me if my boyfriend was the one sitting with the Gumnut Baby, and I had had enough. I interrupt their conversation to inform my boyfriend that I’m feeling ill and feel like leaving the party, and he tells me he’s going to stay to chat to the girl for a while longer. I walk out of the house, with him following behind about two minutes later, yelling at me for having the audacity to “make a scene” and walk out of the party. Apparently by having a problem with his flirting, I’m an awful person who is trying to run his life and take away all of his freedom and independence, and he won’t have a relationship with someone who wants to “restrict his personality”. That’s fine, I won’t be in a relationship with a manipulative, flirtatious pig. #sorrynotsorry #singleforareason

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