Are You Wearing My Jacket?

Once upon a holiday break, I went to a party hosted by friends of mine I’d gone to high school with. Going into an event like that, you know you are going to come across a variety of people- some you want to bump into, some maybe not so much- but I went anyway. It’s the holidays! I brought my best friend from college and was enjoying the night gabbing with girl friends at a table in the host’s kitchen. We were laughing and having a great time, when I spotted my ex-boyfriend across the room. We’d dated for three years, and had broken up 6 months earlier. What I noticed about my ex, was not just his presence, but what he was wearing. His jacket. It seemed very familiar, and triggered a memory. I excused myself and walked over to him. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hi.

Him: Heyyy, what’s up.

Me: Not much. Are you wearing my jacket?

Him: What? Shhh… (looks side to side smiling, like his doesn’t want others to know)

Me: I said, are you wearing my jacket??

Him: Shhhh, lady, don’t get mad. Yeah, I guess it’s yours.

Me: I can’t believe you kept my jacket and are wearing it – you’ve obviously been wearing it a lot!

Him: Do you want it back?

Me: Well, yeah I would have. But not now, yuck. I can’t get over you. It’s MY jacket!

He kept trying to shush me and give me a goofy smile so no one could hear, which blew my mind considering he was the one wearing my women’s jacket to the party. To be clear, he did not need the jacket. He had an identical jacket, in a men’s size. He just preferred my women’s small. He was a punk of sorts, so I knew he liked wearing more “fitted” clothing. But this took it to a totally different level. The nerve!


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