An Italian Close Call

One time I was in Italy with my family for a wedding. It was a happy occasion in one of the most gorgeous settings in the world- the Tuscan countryside. At the wedding I spotted a really cute guy who didn’t take long to start checking me out too. It was on. He approached me at the wedding and we spoke in broken English and Italian, smiled a lot and flirted, which lead to dancing and revelry. He was really sweet, and though there was a definite language barrier, we had nice chemistry. I had done my background research on the sly during the wedding and found out the guy was a close friend of she and her groom, was a GREAT guy and had recently broken up with a girlfriend and single as the day is long. Awesome. As I was leaving he was insistent upon taking me out for a date before I returned to the US, which was sweet and bold. So, naturally I accepted the invitation.

The next day he picked me up and we went for a drive in the countryside, and went to the restaurant his parents owned in a nearby town. The restaurant wasn’t open yet, so we had the whole place to ourselves to share a dessert, and eventually ended up kissing and making out. It was really sweet and part of me wanted to do more, but I resisted and went home. In the coming weeks he wrote to me in the US, sent me pictures of himself, and attempted to communicate in his extremely limited English. It was hilarious and sweet. Every now and then I’d hear from him and he’d ask when I was coming back to Italy.

Fast forward to the summer and I was back in Italy for a family vacation. In anticipation of possibly re-connecting with the Italian suitor, my sister and I went on Facebook to see what he was up to. It didn’t take long before we realized that several of his recent pictures were of he and a dark-haired woman. “Must be his sister”, I assumed. Then we started to go through a few more and realized his hand was on her stomach which was very clearly pregnant. Yup- he and his ex-girlfriend were having a baby, which by the size of her baby bump looked like it had been conceived RIGHT around the time of our rendevous. Like, within days. My sister and my reaction was priceless- our mouths fell to the floor and we both screamed. We couldn’t believe it! When he realized I was in Italy he started contacting me about getting together- sorry, he persistently contacted me about getting together and even showed up at the house where I was staying! Fortunately I was out on an errand and missed having an awkward conversation about the impending bambino. Sure enough, nine months from the time of the wedding, his ex-girlfriend gave birth, which was captured on Facebook. I hold no hard feelings whatsoever about what happened. I have to tell you, I am SOOO glad we did not get more sexually involved. Judging by what happened to her, he is a fertile man; and while the fantasy of a small town Italian life is quaint and romantic, I would not want to be a pregnant and trapped mama mia in a pizza restaurant. That could have been me!! Condoms for everyone.


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