Douche of the Week: Chris Brown

We’ve had Chris Brown sitting on our shelf as Douche of the Week for some time now just waiting for him to reveal his true colors yet again. That time came this week.

On Tuesday, Chris Brown made headlines for trashing a dressing room, breaking a window, ripping his shirt off and storming onto the 40 degree (F) streets of New York City after being asked a question about Rihanna on Good Morning America.

For those who don’t recall, famed songstress Rihanna and Chris Brown used to date. In 2009 they had an argument while driving home, and he (while driving) began to physically assault her before stopping the car, continuing the beating and leaving her at the scene of the crime bruised and battered. Brown turned himself into police where he was arrested and later sentenced for domestic assault. The pictures of Rihanna’s bruised face were shocking and lead to a temporary setback in the professional success of Brown.

Now resurfacing with a new album, Brown had apparently been hoping to skate by the whole “domestic assault” part of his legacy by showing up for a sunshiney television interview on Tuesday, flashing a smile and singing some songs all while keeping his rage monster in its cage. However, for this Charlie Brown, that is sadly not what journalism is about. And hence his outburst, bare chest and fleeing.

We know he has a rage issue, obviously. So, no real shock that he threw a violent fit. However, it is exactly this obvious rage problem that is so distressing. Highly distressing. Particularly considering he is twenty one years old. The Rihanna assault took place when he was just nineteen years old. That is a sad, sad resume of abusive behavior and unfortunately no sign of recovery- or recourse. GMA failed to press charges against the rapper for the damages Tuesday.

Following his outburst this week, Brown asserted on BET’s 106 & Park last evening that he became enraged during the interview because he felt “thrown off” by the question and convinced ABC had invited him on the show to “exploit me”. For more information on that, see the NY Time’s Arts Beat Blog post, available here. These comments, though, are just so revealing. They reveal that he sees himself as a victim and has not in any way taken responsibility or account for his violent actions two years ago. He is not a man at peace, and he is clearly not a man to be trusted.

The most offensive thing to me, is that Chris Brown has never demonstrated any serious recourse or penance for his past gruesome behaviors. And now people are supossed to laud him because he’s put out a song with Justin Bieber? And while we’re on that point, what is up with making a song with Chris Brown, Justin Bieber? Barf.

Back to the Douche of the Week. We don’t care that you apologized for your behavior on Tuesday, Chris Brown, because your apology was shallow. After apologizing for startling people he described his action backstage at GMA stating, “I just let off, like, steam in the back. I didn’t physically hurt anyone. I didn’t try to hurt anyone. I just released the anger that I had inside of me.” The anger inside of you. Well, that is one thing, we are quite confident you do possess.

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