Midtown Men & Larry Flynt

This is a PSA for anyone attempting to date a man who works or lives in the vicinity of midtown Manhattan. Aka you, your roommate, your best friend from college, maybe even her divorcee mom, et al. Be warned…

Last week, my boyfriend Stan left his office on 42nd street and somehow arrived home having collected a stack of black and white VIP cards- complimentary passes to none other than Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a seedy gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan.

Now, for those who don’t know Manhattan, midtown is second perhaps only to Wall Street for its per capita percentage of working guys in suits. Yes, every evening after the markets close, young guys in suits- those who man the desks of many of the best known banks, lawfirms, media shops and publishing houses during the day- decend upon the streets. It appears Larry Flynt has picked up on this fact. Back to my story.

So how did he end up with these cards? No, not a bachelor party or as a perk for being a regular. No, no, my Stan came into possession of the cards thanks to Larry Flynt’s hustlers who have been handing them out on the street to gentlemen commuting home for work. I know. Just what we need.

Conveniently located on 51st and the West Side Highway, Larry Flynt Hustler Club is just a short walk over from midtown Manhattan AND perfect for any man driving home from the City at night. Gee! Now, what I didn’t know, is that the club has a heated roof deck and cigar lounge- I know, super classy- though please remember, all- proper attire is required. Fortunately these gentlemanly reminders are highlighted on the business card, lest you forget and arrive in something, I don’t know, indecent or something. The thought!

So, the next time the midtown guy you’re dating blows you off for drinks with guys from the trading desk- shed a tear and know he may have been taken down by Larry Flynt’s hustlers.

Unbelievably perfect, right? SFAR

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