10 Worst Pick Up Lines

The following pickup lines are not the typical come-ons you find on those cheesy lists of pickup lines that nobody actually uses. These are the ones that guys have actually used in real life situations in efforts to hook up with a girl:

1. Want to see my room?

2. I just bought these new curtains and I can’t figure out how to put on them up, do you think you could come help me install them after we leave the bar?

3. You must be getting tired of all of these guys coming up to you and talking to you (to girl sitting alone at a bar with no guys in sight)

4. Guy: Do you want to come home with me tonight? Girl: No Guy: OK, what about tomorrow night?

5. Where do you live? (Girl answers) Oh! I live right around there, well I guess we should probably take a cab home together.

6. Can I see your apartment?

7. I want to get you pregnant.

8. I can totally get you into [X] club, the bouncer loves me.

9. Can I buy you a drink? I can expense it, my bank lets me use my corporate card for pretty much anything.

10. Guy: Do you want a shot of tequila? Girl: No. Guy: Too bad, I’m buying you one anyway.

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